Everything You Need to Know About America’s Crumbling Bridge Conundrum

February 13, 2012
Everything You Need to Know About America's Crumbling Bridge Conundrum

During the early twentieth century, America built one of the greatest infrastructures in history. The bridges were built to last, but America hasn’t kept up with its legacy. Bridges built for 1925 traffic are falling apart, and it seems almost too late to fix them. After the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minnesota in 2007, citizens, officials, and even civil engineers were shaken — just what will it take and how much money will it cost to correct the damage done by age, time, and impact across the country? The following information provides everything you need to know about America’s crumbling bridge conundrum, including a report card on current conditions, cost to repair, and possibly next-gen solutions. Read More …